Q: How much money can I make working from home?

A: Some agents average $1500 twice per month, others average $500 twice per month. It all depends on how many hours you want to work. You can make as little or as much as you want (depending upon available hours)

Q: What are your payment dates?

A: Payments are processed and distributed within 1 day of receiving it from Arise. Direct Deposit payments are made on the 10th and 25th contingent on weekend and holidays.

Q: Would I be an employee of North Georgia Mountain Associates, LLC?

A: No. You will actually be an Independent Business Contractor; you will be your own boss and make your own hours. In addition you will benefit from the tax break that our Government offers home based businesses. You will be able to write off a portion of your household bills.

Q: Please explain the North Georgia Mountain Associates, LLC. and Arise Virtual Soultions Relationship

A: NGMA has partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions as an Independent Business. Every qualified company is eligible to do the same. Some individuals may not be able, or choose not to become a company or a corporation. Such individuals complete the enrollment process with Arise and then come to North Georgia Mountain Associates, LLC. and request that we provide them with Administrative Support Services. The Administrative Support Services that we provide to these individuals allow them the opportunity to service on client accounts within the Arise Network.

Q: Why do I want to contract with North Georgia Mountain Associates, LLC. versus going with Arise directly?

A: We are a virtual staffing company, as such we contract directly with Arise and you contract with us. NGMA allows you to sign on under our corporation and not have to incorporate yourself. This saves you time and money and you will not have to have a business bank account or file quarterly taxes. Additionally, in any aspect of working this job, you have us as an advocate from new opportunity meetings to general knowledge of successful practices thus saving you time and money.

Q: Do we get a discount on headset and other items to start working?

A: You are able to purchase from a supplier that we recommend. We are always checking for the lowest prices for our agents.

Q: I see all this negativity about Arise. What is that all about?

A: It is good that you are doing your due diligence. What most people who have contracted through Arise don't understand is that it is the affiliate Independent Business Owner (IBO), like NGMA, who pays you. Arise pays the IBO and then in turn the IBO pays you. So, complaints about not getting paid and slow getting paid are really the fault of their particular IBO. NGMA pays you within 1 business day of receiving the money form Arise.

Q: What do I need to start getting paid?

A: A completed W-9 and signed NGMA Waiver. We have Direct Deposit and we also mail out checks.

Q: How much can we make per hour if we are contracted through you?

A: Your income potential is contingent on the client you choose and the number of hours you are available to service. Hourly rates generally range between $8 and $16 however we have heard a quote as high as $30/hr. You also can get late-shift differential as well as monthly performance bonuses from $25 to $300 paid by the client you service. For more information we suggest visiting our Video Library Page, and viewing this article written by the CEO of Arise John Meyer Click the link below to go directly to article:

Q: What is the Voice Assessment and why do I need to pass it?

A: The Voice Assessment is a free and fast 10 minute evaluation that is conducted over the telephone. It measures your vocal quality and your ability to interact with customers over the phone.

Q: Can I work in any state? Will my job follow me when I move?

A: You are able to service in majority of the states, however we express our sincerest apologies, we currently do NOT service in:
• Massachussetts
• Maryland
• Connecticut
• Oregon
• New York

Q: What is CSP 101 and why do I need to pass it?

A: CSP 101 – the Arise Basic Certification course - covers all the skills and information you need to know before providing services for an Independent Business within the Arise Network. There are two ways to complete CSP 101:
• SELF-PACED: Choose your own speed, up to 7 days.
• INSTRUCTOR-LED: complete CSP 101 in 1 business day!
(See Admissions Portal on Arise.com for latest Pricing)
*CSP102 and CSP103 are taken later and the price is included in the CSP101 fee.

Q: Do potential Client Support Professionals, who plan on joining NGMA have to go through the entire admissions process?

A: Yes, they have to follow the entire admissions process except for the part about forming a corporation.

Q: Do you provide insurance?

A: As an independent contractor you are responsible for your own health insurance as well as paying your own state and federal income taxes. We are looking for ways to provided discounted rates through a group policy and will put up more information as the situation changes.

Q: What is the Background Check and why do I need to pass it?

A: Arise does not do business with anyone who has been convicted, pled guilty or pled no contest to any felony, or certain misdemeanor charges, including but not limited to theft, fraud, drug, violence or other similar violations. Therefore, a background check is required.

Q: What does it cost me to work under your company?

A: We charge a flat fee of $19.75 per pay period duplicating Arise charges. Regardless revenue, from $200 per pay period or $2000 per pay period, the fee is the same. $19.75 per pay period.

Q: Do you mentor others to be like yourself?

A. Yes, our entire goal is to raise leaders. These individuals who become leaders either remain with us and help to expand, or team by taking on another position within, or they move on to start their own team.

Q. How can I get more information and speak with someone on your team who can answer my questions?

A. Fill out the short form on the Contact Us tab

Q: What is your phone number?

Office    (706)745-4406
Mobile  (706)897-3766


(Frequently Asked Questions)